White beech mushroom

Mushroom with a long shelf-life and that stays crisp after cooking. Originally from Japan, but is now used in virtually every kind of cuisine.


The beech mushroom originally comes from Japan. As the name indicates, the mushroom is grown on parcels of beech wood sawdust. The mushroom features a long stem of approx. 5-8 cm and a cap of 1 cm in diameter. The mushroom is slightly crunchy and nicely retains its structure after cooking. In addition to the hint of almond, fans of this mushroom will also suggest a seafood flavour. Beech mushrooms are sold both in bundles and separately. The bundles will usually still have a piece of the substrate attached. This can easily be cut away before cooking. The beech mushroom has a long shelf-life and fits well in both the European and Asian mushroom mixes.