Lentinula Edodus

Savoury mushroom, perfect for Asian dishes, long shelf-life and easy to prepare.


After the white mushroom, the Shiitake is the most grown mushroom in the world. The Shiitake comes from Asia. In China and Japan, this mushroom is often used in the kitchen and renowned for its healing powers.  Although the mushroom grows wild in Asia, it is also often cultivated there and in Europe. In the Netherlands, we often cultivate this mushroom on parcels filled with sawdust. This is how we do it at our nursery, too. The Shiitake features a light/dark brown cap which is usually speckled with white dots. The taste of the Shiitake is savoury and the bite is sturdy. The Shiitake has a long shelf-life and is available in many sizes. The Shiitake is ideal in Asian mixes.