Pink oyster mushroom
Pleurotus Djamor

Lightly pink-coloured mushroom, ideal for soft stewing, crisp-fry or wok.


This is the pink equivalent of the better-known grey oyster mushroom. The colour varies from light to dark pink and is sometimes even almost brown. During cooking, the colour disappears however, and the mushroom adopts a grey/light-brown hue. The meat of the oyster mushroom is soft and fleshy and is therefore highly suited for vegetarian dishes. The pink oyster mushroom is grown on parcels of hay. The mushroom trusses are plucked by hand and then manually cut away as individual mushrooms. The pink oyster mushroom  is an attractive mushroom often used in mixes and a variety of (wok) dishes. Of the three kinds of oyster mushrooms (yellow, grey, pink), the pink oyster has the shortest shelf-life; 2-3 days in the refrigerator.