King oyster mushroom/Eryngii
Pleurotus eryngii

Nice bite, nutty flavour and an ideal alternative to meat thanks to its high-fibre and protein content.


The eryngii is de largest mushroom in the oyster mushroom (pleurotes) family. The mushroom can grow up to 15 cm in height. The stem is white and the light-brown / grey cap can have a diameter of 3-10 cm. Just like the standard oyster mushroom, the King oyster mushroom grows on parcels, but for the eryngii, these are filled with wood. The eryngii has the sturdiest bite of all mushrooms. Our own-grown eryngii has a nutty/almond hint and tastes better than the imported version. The bite combined with the high fibre and protein content make this mushroom a highly suitable alternative to meat. The King oyster mushroom has a long shelf-life. By the way, this mushroom is known under many names: the eryngii, the King oyster mushroom, the dune foot or the Cross thistle oyster mushroom because the wild version grows on the remains of cross thistle.