The company

Our mission is to sustainably grow outstanding quality mushrooms that fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients. This foundation for all this was already laid in 1955.

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    Mr Pleunis Sr. expands his agricultural enterprise by growing mushrooms. The nursery is comprised of three cells where the mushrooms are cultivated and one pasteurisation room.

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    1960 - 1969

    The mushroom nursery grows steadily. Growing mushrooms becomes the primary focus. The other agricultural endeavours are abandoned.

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    Pleunis senior christens the name Pleunis B.V. and two years later, passes it on to his sons. Ton Pleunis is named as director.

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    The company has now grown so big that a fully computer-operated nursery is being built. Pleunis B.V. is a leader in Europe when it comes to technological innovations in growing. The company makes its own compost, uses cogeneration energy and heated beds for growing all kinds of mushrooms.

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    After some turbulent times and two unsuccessful takeovers, the company finally settled into peaceful sailing water in 1998 as part of Oakfield Farm Products Limited from the United Kingdom. The nursery has increasingly focused on the sales-oriented production of mushrooms.

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    After the takeover in 2017, Oakfield Champignons B.V. came to stand on its own feet again. The mushrooms are grown, packaged and transported from the one location in Stramproy. The production is transparent and sustainable and the supply is straight to consumer. In addition to the vast assortment of accessible, organic mushrooms, the company has also become the largest grower of exotics.