We grow quality mushrooms according the demand of the market. We are highly flexible, we do not keep any unnecessary inventory and we also have the option of upscaling our production during peak moments in order to meet a rise in demand for fresh mushrooms and mix products.

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Solid nutritional basis

Every week, a number of cells are filled with a balanced feeding ground that consists of a compost mix of hay, poultry dung, horse dung, gypsum and water to which spores of mushrooms are introduced and then a top layer of peat soil.

Appropriate climate

An autumnal climate is recreated as the mushrooms grow in the cells. Initially, a warm, moist climate is replicated in which the mushroom spores start to grow through the top layer and form a web, as it were, on the peat soil. Once a sufficient amount of mycelium is present on the peat, the temperature is brought down. The mycelium reacts to this by pulling together and buds begin to form. These buds grow to become mushrooms.

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Every mushroom is picked by hand and the base is cut off at the right height. The harvested mushroom is then placed in a crate or tray of choice depending on the customer’s needs.

Quality control and packaging

Loose mushrooms in trays are then sent to the packaging department for packaging. Here, every tray is checked to ensure the desired weight and quality and is then furnished with a top seal, foil or lid with the correct label. Next the packaged mushrooms are stacked in containers or boxes on the pallet, ready for delivery.

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Cooled distribution

We take our packaged mushrooms in a cooled bus or lorry directly to the clients.

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