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Discover the mushrooms of Oakfield!

We grow and supply our own premium quality mushrooms via a short, innovative chain that is fully geared towards consumers.

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Maurice Koppen
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Independent, dynamic growers

We grow, harvest, package and supply our own high-quality mushrooms. Ranging from the classic white mushroom to the savoury Shiitake, from the exotic Nameko to the chef’s favourite King oyster mushroom. Creating the most successful mushroom mixes for dishes is our speciality. If you are interested in our unique concept, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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Premium quality

To ensure the highest quality, we use the best raw materials, the best machines and the best people who work with care and consideration. Our level of quality is certified by renowned international supervisory authorities. We highly value reliability. With us, Premium really means Premium.

Consumers first

Our supply chain fully focuses on serving consumers. We understand the needs of end users and we are constantly monitoring all the latest trends and developments. We translate these developments into innovative concepts and products. This is how we provide relevant products for consumers that are successful for our clients.

Interested in the mushrooms of Oakfield?

Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Short supply chain

We produce, package and expedite all our products from one location, our nursery in Stramproy. All of the raw materials used for growing come from within a radius of 150 kilometres.

With a short and transparent chain, we are able to respond quickly, anticipate new market developments and guarantee the maximum freshness of our mushrooms. We supply clients in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.


Innovative strength

We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable and innovative. We only use natural pesticides, purified water and we manage our product flows responsibly and efficiently. Our machine park is also sustainably managed and we work hard to reduce the use of plastic in packaging.